Tools used by Technical Writers

by Gurpreet Singh

Broadly speaking, tools used by technical writers can be divided into these four categories:

1. Writing Related Tools

2. Help Authoring Tools (HATs)

3. Graphic Related Tools

4. Presentation Related Tools

Writing Related Tools:


Help Authoring Tools:


Graphics Related Tools:

Presentation Related Tools:


However, for beginners, Macromedia Robohelp and Adobe Framemaker are quite essential to learn. Do not assume that by learning few tools one can become a technical writer. It is just a myth! Tools and Processes are two different things. You have to learn both, and I would say that tools are not as important as processes are.

Take a simple case study. One has to write a user manual for a simple application such as Notepad. What S/He requires to know first, the process of writing a user manual or working with Word/Framemaker/Latex/InDesign or any other writing software?

Tools can be easily learned and most technical writers have cracked these tools in less than a week’s time. Processes, however, takes a lot of time and are much important than the tools.

Remember, this is not programming where tools have high importance!


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