New Delhi World Book Fair

by Gurpreet Singh

What: The 18th New Delhi World Book Fair
When: 2-10 Feb 2008 (Daily 11.00 a.m to 8.00 p.m)
Where: Hall No: 1-6 and 8 to 14, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi

Bookworms in New Delhi, once again, have the opportunity to go through their everlasting quest for books and educational resources they have always longed for. The ’18th New Delhi World Book Fair’, organized by National Book Trust (NBT), India is already in its full swing.

The 18th New Delhi World Book Fair has 1,343 participants, including 41 from 22 overseas countries including international bodies such a ILO, WHO, UNICEF, European Union, etc and is spread over 45,500 square metres area covering nearly 2,500 book stalls.

Russia, the guest of honor this year, has a special hall (Hall No: 7D) where over 80 Russian publishers are displaying their latest publications, as well as organizing panel discussions, literary programs and special activities for children.

A special note for people (like me!) who are learning Japanese: The Japan Foundation (Tokyo), famous for Japanese Language Proficiency Test (日本語能力試験, nihongo nōryoku shiken) certifications and course material, is also one of the publishers participating in the 18th New Delhi World Book Fair. They are located at Hall No9 (Stand No: 2). Go, grab some Nihongo text!

The whole book fair is spread across several halls, some booked exclusively for English publishers. Technical Communicators may be interested in visiting Hall No 8 and 9 as they are reserved only for foreign publishers and may contains some good books related to Technical Writing.  Parents can visit Hall 7B for Children’s Pavilion. The hall location details are as follows:

  • Hall No. 1F & IR: English Language Publishers
  • Hall No. IF: Publishers of Books on Social Sciences and Humanities
  • Hall No. 2: English Language Publishers
  • Hall No. 3: English Language Publishers
  • Hall No. 4: English Language Publishers
  • Hall No. 5: English Language Publishers
  • Hall No. 6: Distributors of Book in English
  • Hall No. 8&9: Foreign Publishers
  • Hall No. 10: Publishers of Educational Books
  • Hall No. 11: Publishers of Books and Educational Aids for Children
  • Hall No. 12: Indian Regional Language Publishers
  • Hall No. 12A: Hindi Language Publishers and Distributors
  • Hall No. 14: Publishers of Books on Science & Technology

Hall No. 7 is a special one:

  • Hall No. 7B: Youth and Children’s Pavilion
  • Hall No. 7D: Display by Russia (Guest of Honor)
  • Hall No. 7E: Books on and by Gandhi

Special Facilities

  • Telephone and Posts Telegraph: Public telephone booths are located at convenient points throughout the Fair ground. A Post Office located in Hall No. 19 provides STD/ISD phone and fax services in addition to normal postal services.
  • Banks: The State Bank of India, Central Bank of India and Canara Bank provide complete banking services at their branches in Hall No. 19. These banks also deal in foreign exchange.
  • Restaurants and Cafeteria: There are restaurants, kiosks, snack counters and cafeteria all over the Fair ground.

Book Hunt with me!

I’d be going on a book hunt on its last weekend i.e. Sat’ Feb 09, 2008. If you are interested to join me in this treasure hunt, just write a comment in this post.