Workshop on Presentation Skills for STC India Chapter

by Gurpreet Singh

Which one is bigger: fear of death or fear of public speaking? According to studies, most people rank the fear of giving presentations much higher than the fear of death.

Irrespective of your designation, age or work domain, your job may involve presenting information to your customers and colleagues. And, fair or not, we are often judged more on how we say it than on what we say.

Mastering the art of presenting may not make you rich but it will most certainly help you to succeed in anything you do. Come, join the workshop on public speaking and become far more effective in delivering your message to your audience with a punch.

This workshop will provide participants with a practical advice on how to deliver presentations in front of an audience. Areas covered will include: presentation skills, body language and handling difficult questions.

Participation is free for all but you require to register and get confirmation due to limited seats.

For more information about the workshop (May 22′ 2010, GK-IV New Delhi), please contact me at gurpreetwrites (att) gmail (dott) com.